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First Wednesday Devotion


 During Our Lady’s apparitions at Itapiranga, Brazil, Jesus, Mary and Joseph disclosed these promises for the benefit of the whole Church:

1. (Joseph): I promise to all those who will honor my most chaste heart and will perform here on earth good deeds for those in most need, primarily for the sick and the dying, for whom I am comforter and protector, to receive at the last moment of their life the grace of a holy death. (March 2, 1998)

2. (Joseph): I promise to all the faithful who will honor my most chaste heart with faith and love, the grace to live a life of holy purity of soul and body, the strength and the means necessary to overcome all attacks and all temptations of the devil. I myself will protect them as my own precious possession. This grace is not only for those who will honor my heart, but also for all their family members who may be in need of heavenly assistance. (March 3, 1998)

3. (Joseph): I promise to ask the Lord for all those who will invoke me, honoring this heart of mine, the grace to be able to resolve the most difficult problems and the most urgent needs that to the eyes of men would seem impossible to resolve, but through my intercession to the Lord they will become possible. (March 4, 1998)

4. (Joseph): I promise to all those who trust in this heart of mine pure and chaste, honoring it devoutly, the grace to be consoled by me in their most grave distress of soul and in danger of being condemned when, by disgrace, would loose sanctifying grace due to their grave sins. (March 5, 1998)

5. (Joseph): Tell all those who will honor this heart of mine and will have full trust in me and in my intercession, I promise that they will not be abandoned in their difficulties and trials of life, because I will ask the Lord to help them with his divine assistance with their problems, material or spiritual. (March 6, 1998)

6. (Joseph): The fathers and mothers who will consecrate themselves to my heart with their families will have my assistance in their afflictions and problems, also in raising and educating their children. The way I brought up the Son of the Most High in his Holy Divine Laws, in the same way I will help all the fathers and mothers who will consecrate their children to me, raising them in the love of the Holy Commandments of God so that they will find the surest way to salvation. (March 6, 1998)

7. (Joseph): My son, tell all those who will honor this most chaste heart of mine that they will receive the grace of my protection from all evil and danger. Those who will entrust themselves to me will not be struck by misfortune, wars, famine, pestilence and other calamities, but will have my heart as a safe refuge and protection. Here in my heart everyone will receive protection from the Divine Justice in the days to come, because those who will consecrate themselves to my heart and honor it, will be looked upon by my son Jesus with eyes of mercy, because Jesus will pour his love and will bring to the glory of His reign all those that I will place in my heart. (March 7, 1998)

8. (Joseph): My dear son, all those who will spread the devotion to my heart and will practice it with love and with conviction of heart will have the certainty to have their names engraved in it, in the same way the cross of my son Jesus and the M of Mary are engraved in the form of a wound. This is also a promise for all priests because I love them with predilection. The priests who will have devotion to my heart and will spread it will have the grace, granted by God, to touch the most hardened hearts and to convert the most obstinate sinners. (March 8, 1998)

9. (The Blessed Mother): The Eternal Father allows me tonight to reveal to you the promise of My Immaculate Heart for all those who will honor devoutly and will have love for the heart of my spouse Joseph. My son, tell everyone who will honor his most chaste heart that they will benefit of my maternal presence in a very special way in their lives because I will be at the side of every son and daughter of mine, helping them and comforting them with my Heart of a Mother, in the same way I helped and comforted My Most Chaste Spouse Joseph in this world; and for all that they will ask to my Heart with trust, I promise to intercede to the Eternal Father, to My Divine Son Jesus and to the Holy Spirit, obtaining from the Lord the grace to reach perfect sanctity and to imitate My spouse Joseph in virtues, reaching in this way the perfection of love in the manner he lived it. (March 9, 1998)

10. (Our Lord Jesus): My son, all those who will honor the most chaste heart of my virginal father Joseph, will receive the grace on the last day of their life to conquer the deceit of the enemy of salvation, obtaining the victory and the recompense merited in the reign of my Heavenly Father. Those who will honor devoutly this most chaste heart in this world will have the certainty to receive great glory in Heaven, a grace that will not be granted to those who will not honor it as I ask. The souls devoted to my virginal father Joseph will benefit of the beatific vision of the Most Holy Trinity and will have a deep knowledge of the Triune God, three times Holy. In Heaven they will also enjoy the presence of my Heavenly Mother and of my virginal father Joseph, as my heavenly glory reserved to all of them from eternity. These souls will be dear to the Most Holy Trinity and to my Mother, Mary Most Holy, and will surround the chaste heart of my virginal father Joseph as most beautiful lilies. This is my Great Promise for all men in the entire world devoted to my virginal father Joseph. (March 10, 1998)



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